ANATOM 800 is a brand new premium & all-purpose 256-slice CT fully powered by AI.

It was designed to take this CT to the next level for your high-performance clinical needs, which has « 8cm » wide body new generation OptiWaveTM detector, tailored premium HV generator and X-ray tube for spectral imaging, ultra-fast rotation speed of 0.256 seconds/360 degree, Admir3D iterative reconstruction and Artist Al assisted with deep learning, etc.


Advanced clinical applications such as spectral imaging can now be considered routine with ANATOM S800. In order to provide the best in diagnostic efficiency, ANATOM S800 delivers higher spatial resolution and lower radiation dose for every body part imaging. Its advanced applications easy routine studies in terms of low radiation dose, spectral imaging and workflow with a proven system that can help facilities expand service lines, such as cardiac, pediatrics and ER.

ANATOM 800 is the convergency of our passion and vision to deliver extraordinary technologies, from routine CT to spectral CT, that enable clinical exploration and enhance patient outcomes.